Harmless prank: top four unusual fetishes that unexpectedly surprise you.

top four unusual fetishesFor sure everyone knows this meme from “50 shades of gray”: the heroine of the film with a poorly concealed contempt looks at the handsome billionaire, and this entire picture is crowned with the indispensable signature “sick bastard”. Perhaps, after reading this article, many of you will utter the same words, because compared to your sexual problems (to choose the lowest price of Cialis, find Cialis for sale or choose between Viagra vs Cialis), read threatens to seem something very indecent.

“Golden rain”

Urophilia, also known as “golden rain” – getting pleasure from committing an act of urination on your partner, or vice versa, when a partner urinates on you (a variant and mutual “irrigation” is possible). According to the results of the above study, this fetish is not alien to 9% of men (and this is just those who admitted). By the recognition of fetishists, the exchange of biological fluids makes communication between partners more solid: thus they seem to share their love. In addition, there is an element of submission and humiliation (another popular fetish).

Dressing in women’s clothing

Any heterosexual man is excited by objects of the women’s wardrobe, in particular, underwear and shoes with high heels. But not everyone gets the very fact of vestments in lingerie. These are two big differences. Often the origins of this fetish should be sought in a deep childhood. In most cases, it has homosexual overtones.


It is sexual fun using food – creams, cakes, syrups, or other staining substances (dirt, cosmetics, paints, etc.). Scientists do not know exactly how common this fetish is, but, apparently, it is inferior in popularity to the “golden rain”. In sploshing an important role is played by the tactile component – pleasant sensations from skin contact with substances of various consistencies.


top four unusual fetishes

Diaperism is a sexual perversion associated with obtaining pleasure from being in a diaper and sending natural needs into it or from contemplating one’s partner in a similar role. Some involve in this fetish other children’s accessories – pacifiers, rattles, bottles for feeding, etc. This fetish is peculiar to men looking for a woman-mother and longing for those carefree times when they were cared for and rubbed the ass.

What to do if you are a fetishist

If all that is written out is as if it were copied from your reeking nature, well, you are not one such original. For owners of extreme sexual tastes, even a whole social network was organized – FetLife, just like Facebook for fetishists. Moreover: today it is not a ghetto for a limited circle of people with deviations, but a kind of mainstream. So dare – the likelihood that you will find kindred souls is extremely large.