How to Overcome Erectile Dysfunction in the Context of Sedentary Life!

The Impact of Sedentary Life on Male Health

Male health depends on a variety of factors: conditions of work, dietary structure, the day’s routine, physical activities and so on. The times when men earned living by manual work mostly passed. Nowadays more and more representatives of the sterner sex have to spend the whole days round in the armchairs working in the offices or at the wheel of a car.

But, such a confining work causes a great many problems with male health:

  • Overweight or obesity;
  • Spine problems (osteochondrosis, lateral curvature, etc.);
  • Visual deterioration;
  • Piles;
  • Costiveness;
  • Weakening of immune system;
  • Decrease of muscle tone;
  • Erectile dysfunction.

The last problem mentioned above is the most disastrous for most men. According to the statistics, those men who have a sedentary work suffer from erectile dysfunction on the more frequent basis in comparison with those with manual work. Of course, for some men to change profession is not the option.

Why Sedentary Way of Life causes ED?

The first thing that should be understood is the fact that male potency depends on the male activity. A good and steady potency is impossible without a good blood circulation in the pelvic organs. Sedentary way of life leads to circulation disturbance followed by the congestive phenomenon and then to prostate gland inflammation. Besides, men experience a decreased libido and weak erection, the signs of erectile dysfunction.

Preventive Activities

In order to evade problems, men have to follow the nest rules:

  • Have enough physical activities;
  • Keep a healthy diet;
  • Have regular sexual relations;
  • Move a lot;
  • Undergo well-timed treatment;
  • Prevent undercooling and heat stroke;
  • Don’t abuse alcohol;
  • Give up smoking.

For those who have a sedentary work, it’s highly recommended to do some breaks with exercises, of course, if they have such an opportunity and the environment allows.

They will help to normalize blood circulation, prevent congestive phenomenon and bring muscles into tone:

  • Pedometer rotation;
  • Forward bends;
  • Side bends;
  • Squatting;
  • Gallop walk.

If there is no an opportunity to do these exercises, it’s possible to do so called invisible exercises: strain and ease the pubococcygeal muscles 20-30 times (Kegel Exercises). Most specialists claim that regular sexual intercourses is a perfect prophylactic measure of erectile dysfunction. Besides, at least one course of ED treatment with Cialis intake is efficacious against congestive phenomenon in the pelvic organs. Usually patients are prescribed to take Cialis 5mg or Cialis 2.5mg 2-4 days a week or daily to reach the desired effect. One course of ED treatment should last not less than 4 weeks. It’s recommended not to combine Cialis pills intake together with drinking pomplamoose juice and alcohol beverages. Though alcohol consumption is possible during Cialis intake, but it may cause extra influence on blood circulation in the pelvic organs and some dangerous side effects. Remember that restoring male potency is a time-consuming process; it’s easier to devote time to strengthening it and create maximum conditions so that problems with sexuality do not arise.