Psychogenic and Organic Causes of Erectile Dysfunction in Men

Specialists distinguish two groups of reasons that can cause the development of erectile dysfunction. They are psychogenic factors and organic disorders of urogenital system and other inner organs and systems. The treatment will depend largely on the type of the reason. The main symptoms of erectile dysfunction in both cases will also differ.

The typical symptoms of erectile dysfunction caused by organic disorders are the following:

• The gradual development of the disorder. At the beginning, only minor problems with erection occur, which become worse with the course of time.
• Progression of the disease. If no measures are taken, the dysfunction will rapidly become worse and worse.
• Continuity of the disorder. The symptoms stay unchanged irrespective of the situation.
• Connection with a certain disease or taking of drugs.
• During a sexual intercourse erection (if it occurs) can be maintained.
• No dependence on the partner.
• No night and/or morning erections.

The symptoms of erectile dysfunction caused by psychogenic reasons usually differ and are the following:

• Sudden development of the disorder.
• Problems occur occasionally.
• The situational character of the disorder.
• Anamnesis often includes stress and over fatigue.
• Erection can recede during sexual intercourse.
• Erection can depend on the partner.
• Night and/or morning erections are preserved.

When treating erectile dysfunction caused by psychogenic factors (such as stress, depression, fear of sexual failure, fatigue, psychological trauma and others) the focus is made on eliminating the cause itself. In this case, a man often needs the help of a psychiatrist. Sometimes specialists work with a couple. General recommendations here can include a good rest, change of scenery, and openness towards the partner. However, sometimes more serious treatment can be required including taking medications and even hypnosis.

The treatment of erectile dysfunction caused by organic changes in the organism is usually focused on the suppression of symptoms. The most widespread, effective and safe method here is the treatment with the help of drugs relating to the category of PDE-5 inhibitors (for example, Cialis). The active ingredient of these drugs increases the concentration of nitrogen oxide in the blood by inhibiting the corresponding agent. This causes relaxation of smooth muscles in the walls of blood vessels, and blood easily fills up the cavernous body of the penis, causing an erection.

It is worth mentioning that drugs of this category can be also used as an additional tool for the treatment of ED caused by psychogenic factors. Cialis is effective regardless of the cause of the disorder. Though it doesn’t eliminate the initial cause of the dysfunction, it helps to cope with the consequences.

It is also important to keep in mind that sometimes erectile dysfunction can be of mixed nature. For example, an organic disorder, which caused problems with erection at the initial stage, can be worsened by a psychological complex, which formed as a result of these problems.